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  1. ReadMore-PRO

    With Read More-PRO you'll be able to create an accordion Read More effect for your Joomla! articles. The native Joomla! Read More option is nice and does it's task quite well. However, it is a little clumsy on how it works based on how you configured and created your Joomla! website. Read More-PRO keeps all your article text on the same page showing 'some' of your article text and hides the rest based on how you configured the extension's setting. Giving you an attractive, functional Read More action button that will uncover all your text when clicked.

    Check out the demo page and see ReadMore-PRO in action. If you like what you see, download the Module, Plugin (or both) and the Editor Button plugin and get started building your Joomla! articles the ReadMore-PRO way! ReadMore-PRO is 100% FREE to download with no required site registration, fees or subscription to purchase. Just download, install, configure and activate and you'll be on your way. Oh... support for ReadMore-PRO is also 100% FREE!

  2. WWeb surveys

    onepage and multipage surveys
    question types: text , texarea, radio, checkbox, heading and pagebreak (only for multipage view)
    results exportable to Excel
    multiple submission prevention by IP and user-ID
    supported languages English, Dutch

  3. No Boss Page Builder

    Your problems creating content pages with Joomla are over. With this extension, you will simply create different sections within a single page, and you can stylize each section separately. You can also create an integrated search page with Google by simply entering the URL and the API key you created previously with the search engine.


    • You can also purchase a complete template with other extensions included, ready to use layout themes and sample content for your website.
      • Visit our portfolio of templates to learn more:
    • If you prefer to purchase this extension separately, we suggest that you also purchase the following extensions:
      • Site Header:
      • Site Footer:
      • Template extension:
  4. No Boss Blog

    Through this extension, you can create a blog within your Joomla site. Several features are available for you to create publications that have a strong social engagement and appear in Google's search results. Beyond of the content of each publication, you can define Blog authors, create different categories and tags, besides configure sharing for all social networks and enabling comments.

    Important informations:

    • This extension only includes the resources for registering and displaying the data. If you need to create a new blog, complete with styles and navigation included, we suggest you to know our Blog Template. In this option, you follow a simple step-by-step to have a new blog in a few minutes with all style, navigation and sample data.  - The blog template can be viewed at
    • If you prefer to purchase this extension separately, we suggest accessing our documentation website to learn how to install and configure styles. We also suggest you purchase the extensions listed below, to make your blog complete:  - Site header:  - Site footer:  - Template extension:
  5. UniPAY Checkout is one of the most popular payment processors in Georgia, UniPAY Checkout extension provides the most integrated checkout experience possible with WooCommerce to accept ewallet and credit card processing. ( Visa, Mastercard and AMEX )